Prairie Express: How It Works


Prairie Express buses operate on a fixed route and schedule. However, we also provide Route-Deviation Service Monday through Friday within the Sterling area in which we are able to accommodate demand-response trips.

Call Prairie Express today to schedule a route deviation (970) 522-6440


The schedules show the time that the bus may arrive at a stop. These times will vary depending on how many deviations a bus will make. If there are no requests to "deviate," the bus will operate as a regular fixed-route.

prairie express busRequests

Residents in the Sterling area can request the bus to pick-up or drop off at a specific location, not on the advertised route, and at a slightly higher cost to the rider. The bus will leave and return at the same location from the scheduled route. This ensures that all riders who are waiting for the bus will still be accommodated.

Just follow these simple steps:

  • Select your route. The map shows the route. Locate where you want to go and see if the route will take you there. If not, call Prairie Express at (970) 522-6440 to schedule your trip.
  • Check the time schedule.
  • Wait at the designated bus stop. (Route deviation passengers call Prairie Express to schedule your trip.) The bus stops are clearly marked.
  • Board the bus after other passengers have exited. If you have difficulty boarding, ask the bus driver for assistance.
  • Pay your fare when you board. Drop the correct fare in the fare box or show your bus pass/ticket.
  • Signal to exit the bus. Please advise the driver of your destination. Please remain seated until the bus comes to a complete stop.